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Technical Know-How

Correct installation is the key to ensuring your repaired/rebuild/ new units doesn't give problems in the future.

First things first, why did the original unit unit fail?  Did you know that over 90% of failures are caused due to outside influence? This can be oil contamination, oil starvation, foreign object damage, as well as fuel contamination , fuel delay or starvation.  Before fitting a repaired/rebuild/ new unit, you MUST find the cause of the original failure and correct it before fitting the repaired/rebuild/ new unit.

Car Mechanic with Tablet

Industry Based Videos

Learn How Diesel Systems Works  , New Technologies Launched , Troubleshoot Common Problems


Causes OF Failures

Know Why A Product Fails , Causes Of Failure For Distributor Pumps , Common Rail Systems , Turbochargers

Indsutry Based Videos